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Signs for Hope (SFH) seeks to enhance the lives of deaf and hard of hearing (deaf/HOH) orphans around the world. We endeavor to accomplish this in a variety of ways. Locating deaf/HOH orphans and connecting them with families desiring to adopt them is a priority, as is providing incountry sponsorships for deaf/HOH orphans where adoption may be delayed or not an option.

One way of discovering these children, early, will be by providing hearing screening for children residing in orphanages around the world.  Detecting a hearing loss early can increase the opportunity for these children to learn a manual language whereby ensuring them the ability to communicate and function effectively in the future.  Providing hearing aids for children who would benefit from them-when feasible-is also of utmost importance.

Where indigenous manual language is not available, SFH will provide manual language training for the deaf/HOH children and for their caregivers.  When appropriate, if indigenous deaf adults are available they will be encouraged to become involved in the lives of these children and their caregivers.

SFH will develop an extensive Internet data base filled with resources for pre-adoptive and post-adoptive families of deaf/HOH orphans. Educational resources will eventually be listed state-by-state providing the most accurate information available for those families residing within each state. Providing adoptive families with these resources will increase the ability for these families to thrive following their adoption.


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