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Signs for Hope is acutely aware of the sensitivity of posting photos and certain information about these precious children.  In accordance with that concern we have chosen to direct you to those sites that already have permission for posting this information, instead of running the risk of posting a child's information improperly.

The links below are for websites that list Deaf/HOH children waiting to be adopted from numerous agencies domestically and/or intercountry.  Most, if not all, will be password protected requiring you to register.  Some sites require you to be contracted with their agency to receive information and other sites will require you to be "homestudy ready" to gain additional information.  Once you have registered and/or received persmission to access their photolistings remember the listing for these children can change daily and even hourly, as other families are constantly searching these websites for their son or daughter.

Also, each adoption agency - on their own website - will post photolistings of those deaf and hard of hearing children they represent, if they have any listed.  Registering to view their photolist is usually free and simple but, none the less, required. All these requirements are in place to comply with the governing body over adoptions within each country.  A phone call or email - directed to the agencies themselves - specifically asking about any Deaf/HOH child(ren) may give you the most efficient results.


August 27, 2013 (last updated)

This is the largest database listing of deaf/HOH children from multiple adoption agencies. 


There are currently 42 children listed as Deaf/HOH and/or Microtia and Atresia. 

On the Rainbow Kids website you can search for all children labeled Deaf/HOH after registering.  Once you have registered click "photolisting", click "search children".  Under search criteria enter "any gender"; age "0 -20; agency "any"; special need "Deaf/HOH" and "Microtia and Atresia); limit search do not check; geographic location "Any".

American World Adoption



August 27, 2013

Bringing Hope to Children

Anyone can register on this website.  Once you register you can search for the children the same as Signs for Hope.

China - Adelaide, girl age 11; Max boy age 5; Ryan, boy age 6

January 20, 2014

Cradle of Hope Adoption Center

China Waiting Deaf Children


Julie - age 9
Julie is deaf but otherwise in good health. She is outgoing and gets along well with other children. Julie loves to be outdoors, and often goes for walks after meals. She likes to play with toys and games and likes to be cuddled and tickled.  She has a good appetite and is not fussy about food.  Julie is able to understand simple sign language but is not able to use it very well. She’s warm to visitors and expresses a lot of emotion in her eyes. Video of Julie is available.

Max - age 5
Five year old “Max” was abandoned in November, 2011.  Despite his deafness, “Max” is reported to be clever, open, and likes to be in contact with people. He knows colors and is very observant.  For example when he sees guests coming with gifts, he takes them to see his class. He thinks if the guests come to his class then the gifts will be kept there. He is healthy and well-liked by his teachers.  In October, 2012 "Max" received a cochlear implant and now attends a special language training school, where he is learning to make sounds.  He hears only drum beats at present.  "Max is one of the best students and likes to follow the teacher's directions. He gets along well with others, likes to play with cars and is an extrovert. 

Zachary - age 5

Zachary is 5 ½ yrs old.  He came into orphanage care at 3 years of age.  He is a happy boy. He likes to play with other children and likes to participate in group activities. He is very neat, He doesn't like to see leftover food in the bowl – if he has any leftovers, he’ll put them in his pocket.  He sits in class, pays attention, puts his table and chair in order.  He doesn't like to get his clothes or hands dirty. It bothers him if other children didn't put trash in the trash bin.  He likes to play with puzzles, watching cartoons and playing outdoors. Other than being deaf, Zachary is in good health and has age-appropriate development. He is described as smart and friendly, although as expected he is more comfortable with people he knows.  When strangers visit the orphanage, he notices the strange faces and stays close to the caregivers. He is described as strong willed but also sensitive about other people's feelings. Zachary recently received a cochlear implant. He can now say some single and double words.  He needs a loving family to help him reach his full potential.

Interested families should contact Cradle of Hope’s Executive Director at lperilstein@cradlehope.org for more information.

Linda Perilstein

Executive Director

Cradle of Hope Adoption Center




October 23, 2013



Hi! I am Shawn and I am 11 yrs old. The doctors say that I have bilateral microtia. I can still hear some sounds if people speak loud enough. I am smart, curious and organized however, I have trouble speaking. Sometimes I use my hands and gestures to communicate. I can read and write Chinese characters and really enjoy helping the younger kids with their writing. I get along with pretty much everyone at the orphanage and don't mind helping out with chores.  I really like to be active and run and play badminton.  My favorite thing to do is take toys apart and put them back together! To learn how to bring me home, please contact Jessie at jessie@gwca.org


Hi, I'm Shae!  I am 12 years old and I love to dance, dance, dance!  I am Deaf, but that doesn't stop me from feeling the beat of the music and moving right along with it.  I love for all eyes to be on me!  As far as school goes, I am ok at math, but my favorite subjects are PE and art.  I came to the orphange when I was 8 yrs old, and I have leanred to bond with my caregivers over time.  Dut to me not being able to hear, my Chinese is behind my friends, but I can watch others and understand them with their facial expression and gestures.  To learn how to bring me home, please contact Jessie at jessie@gwca.org

Great Wall China Adoption
248 Addie Roy Road, Ste. A102 | Austin, TX 78746
Tel: 512.323.9595 ext. 3092 | Fax: 512.323.9599


October 28, 2012





Anyone can search on this website for Deaf/HOH children available internationally for adoption. Only fill in the top box Child Type with "All Children" and Keyword "deaf" or "hearing loss".  Leave the other boxes blank. 

There are not many listed here, but there might be some listed here that are not listed else where.


August 27, 2013

Reece's Rainbow - is a data base for many different adoption agencies listing the children they represent from many different countries and any grants available. 

There are many deaf/HOH children on the Rainbow Kids website.  Some have additional "special needs".  You can search the Reece's Rainbow website by typing "deaf, hearing loss" in the search box.


March 6, 2013



August 27, 2013

Wonderful Waiting Kids

Lifeline Children's Services' blog listing for international children "waiting" for their families.  Once you register you can search for "deaf", "hearing loss", or "microtia."  There are always multiple deaf/HOH children listed here.


August 27, 2013


Currently has 12 deaf children of various ages waiting in China



AUGUST 27, 2013

Holt International

Anyone can search the Holt International site.  Currently, there are 5 deaf/HOH children listed on the Holt Website. 

Age 0 - 4 - Max, Silas, Devon
Age 4- 10 - Arthur, Thomas


DOMESTIC Deaf/HOH Adoption Links


Signs for Hope has been granted permission to access the “waiting” Deaf/HOH children on the AdoptUSKids website using the criteria “deaf” and “hearing loss” on your behalf. Unless you are already approved to adopt through the US foster care system you cannot register to search with the above criteria. Please contact me for the legally allowed information about these children in the US Foster Care System “waiting” to be adopted. Most of these children have additional "special needs" or are a brother or sister within a hearing sibling group that must be adopted together.

Remember, the information that can be shared, in the US, about the Deaf/HOH
children “waiting” domestically is very limited until you have been
approved to adopt.



nyone can search on the adoption.com website using key words "deaf" or "hearing loss" for the current Deaf/HOH children in the US foster-to-adopt program.  Only fill in the top box Child Type with "All Children" and Keyword "deaf" or "hearing loss".  Leave the other boxes blank. 

There are not many listed here, but there might be some listed here that are not listed else where.


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