Bubble vs Bible – Protection vs Preparation

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This is a topic I have pondered more and more, recently.  As I began to research this, once again I found I am not alone in this pondering, at least in some aspects.

Most often when we think of protection of our little ones we automatically think, physical.  However the spiritual is where we should be most concerned and spend most of our energies.

The picture above is from an article about a “new product” available for purchase from Family Christian Stores, released last year.  I couldn’t decide, at first, if this was real or not.  What do you think?

“GRAND RAPIDS, MI—After months of speculation and several product delays, Family Christian Stores finally rolled out their most anticipated product release of the year on Tuesday: the Protective Christian Bubble™ for children.

According to Family Christian, the Bubble™ is “a huge step forward in Christian protective technology” and is constructed of a “revolutionary” poly material that, while completely sealing the child from the outer environment, allows the child to breathe unhindered while the intelligent processor embedded in the skin of the Bubble™ works continuously to identify and block any visual or auditory stimuli its advanced algorithms translate as “secular.”

Available exclusively at Family Christian Stores, the Bubble™ is available in a variety of sizes, with prices ranging from $499 (young toddler) to $799 (college age). According to the Family Christian representative, if you want to get your hands on one, “you’d better act quickly, as we are seeing unbelievable demand for this product.”


I have been guilty when it comes to thinking we should, at all costs, protect our precious little ones from all the evils of this world at such a young and tender age.  Now, however, I am seeing the greater value in preparing them for them instead of trying to protect them from them.

Our world, today, demands it!

I remember all too well, both Joseph and Rachel referring to the “bubble” they were brought up in while they both were in college.  While there were some aspects of that “bubble” that were a positive impact on them growing into adulthood, others were not.  Especially, when life does not always end “happily-ever-after”.

Yes, I have now been exposed to hundreds of very young children who have been exposed to many forms of evil and at such young ages.  Yes, the trauma they have experienced is often life-altering.  Some of you would quickly cover your eyes and/or your ears to avoid exposure to what I have seen and heard, but it does not change the fact.


God in His sovereignty is allowing the evil of this world to touch the lives of so many. We can choose to believe His truth that says He will make all things new or not.  It is those stories of evil being overcome with good where His light shines brightest. He delights in taking the most horrific and devastating of situations and breathing life, abundant life, back into those who have felt the breathe knocked out of them.  Changing lives from within, so they can impact the lives of many others.

We must learn how to respond biblically to these evils, not react to them, and we must train our children to do the same.

Equipping and preparing our young children IS their protection!

Not training our children in His truths, from an early age, will result in their inability to navigate these evils clinging to His truth as their armor.

If we do not train them, they will not be equipped and prepared for the battle.  They will be weak.  They will live in confusion.  They will not know the power of the living God as He so desires.  They will not grasp that His love for them is beyond their circumstances and is rooted in the eternal.  And their faith will not be rooted in the truth of His word in the midst of this world’s chaos. They will not stand!  They will not be salt and light!

Ultimately, in our world today, the ability we have to “protect” our little ones from the things of this world is being removed and very quickly. And so far we have not been able to reverse this and our God seems to be allowing it for ‘such a time as this’.  While the US may not be engaged in a physical war as are many other countries around the world, we are engaged in warfare of the spiritual and the next generation must be prepared and we must start training them, from a very early age.

The Bubble you and I live in MUST be deflated!  And we must, for the sake of our children, prepare them for the battle.  It is already waging war in their cartoons, in their preschool classrooms and right next door.  If they do not know what God’s word says and they do not love Him with all their hearts, all their souls, all their minds and all their strength…they will succumb to the evil of this world.

My thoughts go to David when I think of being prepared and at a young age.  Not only was he prepared physically, he was prepared spiritually to face the giant, Goliath.  Saul called him a boy.  We don’t know for sure how old he was when he picked up those 5 smooth stones to kill not only Goliath but his 4 relatives, but he certainly was not big enough to wear the King’s armor for his protection. David’s own “armor” had been proven over and over. At this point in his young life, he had already experienced hand-to-mouth contact with a bear and a lion when the sheep he was shepherding had been carried away.  He had killed the animals with his bare hands.  Obviously, there had to be some intense training going on in David’s life prior to this.

And David’s spiritual training prepared him to say, “The LORD who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.”

How do parents, grandparents, pastors, Sunday School teachers prepare our little ones for spiritual battle and do it well?

When I say “well”, I mean train them in such a way they love all people fiercely and at the same time know best how to lead them to Christ.  They are salt and light in this evil world.  And that light dispels the darkness.

I will be researching this as this series develops, but feel free to share in the comments, ways you have used with success in practically training your youngest children to be prepared for whatever our God allows to come their way and at whatever age.


The Action Bible is a best seller in the Deaf Christian community.  I carry a supply with me wherever I go.  Our families who have adopted Deaf children have made this their #1 choice Bible for training their children.  Many hearing families I know, would be appalled at the graphic pictures in the Action Bible, afraid these graphics would cause nightmares and undue “trauma” for their little ones. I, too, would never have shown these pictures to Rachel and Joseph when they were children, but you better believe I will share them with my grandchildren. Not to cause them fear, but to train them appropriately about the evil and to know greater is He that is in them, than he that is in the world.  For those who desire to train and develop an accurate picture of our spiritual warfare, which is reality, I suggest exposing your children to this Bible at a very young age and engage them in conversations about them, daily.  Make it the norm, instead of making it the fear.  Make His power, His strength, His mercy, His grace the natural response for the Believer.

Believer’s today are the most fearful folks I know!  WHY?

“And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.  You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.”
Deuteronomy 6:6-9

First and foremost, if you and I are not prepared for this battle and wear the armor of God ourselves daily, we certainly cannot train our children and grandchildren to be prepared for this battle for their life.



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