Hughes Family Adoption Fund

Hughes Family Adoption


The Hughes Family has been fully funded for their 2022 adoption. Praise God!

The Hughes Family is welcoming a new family member into their family, Eden, from India. Eden will be the youngest in her new family and she is deaf and blind. Matt and Jessica and their two older Taiwanese born daughters, Xin-Jou (13, adopted in 2016) and Li-Ru (10, adopted in 2014) are working hard to raise the adoption funds necessary to bring Eden home less than a year from now, in 2022. Matt and Jessica were married in 2011. Even before they were married they knew God was calling them to grow their family only through adoption, and specifically to children with “special needs”. He has equipped them for His calling through their vocations; Jessica is a Special Education Teacher and Matt is a Pediatric RN working toward becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. He is also preparing their family by their continuing to learn American Sign Language and so much more. The Hughes family is a homeschool family seeking to empower and equip their daughters to reach their God-designed greatest potentials. God is preparing Eden for her new family and has placed her in a special home in India while she waits for her adopting family to complete the adoption process.

India and American adoption fees and international travel to bring Eden home to Asheville, NC will exceed $35,000. Please join the Hughes family in prayer as they continue their “journey to Eden” and give as God touches your heart to do so.

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