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This is Tim and Kathleen “KB” Jensen and their two Deaf adult daughters adopted from China years ago. Tim and KB are Deaf.

In 2018 there was a hearing family who had adopted a Deaf Chinese daughter and they were wanting to dissolve their adoption of her. She was “too hard”. She was 12. I became aware of it. KB and Tim were asked by someone else, a mutual friend of mine, to consider adopting her. Mom did learn sign language to sign with her.

I knew the family wanting to find her a new home. They had adopted multiple Deaf and hearing children from China, through the years. There were four Deaf daughters and I think there were at least six hearing daughters. I lost count.

Tim and KB prayed. They believed they could offer this Deaf girl a good home. It took over a year to complete the adoption, but it was finalized in 2020. However she came to live with Tim and KB before then, as a foster placement. Signs for Hope—me, along with one other board member and an attorney friend of that board member—was involved heavily in this process. Signs for Hope supported Tim and KB with funds for this adoption.

In 2020, early, the family relinquished rights to two more Deaf daughters. They entered the US Foster Care System (USFCS), but they were “harder” than the first daughter. Tim and KB were asked to consider adopting them. They felt neither would be a good fit for their daughter.

Late In 2021, the family contacted Tim and KB directly asking them if they would consider adopting their fourth Deaf daughter at age 16. Tim and KB prayed and prayed. They wanted to give this girl a chance. They agreed. The adoption of this daughter was finalized in March of 2022. Signs for Hope was not as involved this time but we did help with the cost of adoption.

Things did not go as they planned.

The new daughter developed “a crush” on Tim. Tim did not respond favorably. The daughter claimed to have been raped by Tim and corroborated the story with the other sister. Be assured the proper procedures were followed.

DSS took the girls and placed them in foster care.

A very long story short, Tim is in jail and is waiting trail on December 23.

Tim is innocent!

He was arrested and his rights were violated. There was not an interpreter present when the arrest took place from his home. The police officers took him from his home with no warning; handcuffing him with his hands behind his back. They did not know he was a multiple transplant patient and did not take his rejection medicines with him to jail. He has since been placed on the medical floor of the jail.

When Deaf people’s rights have been violated, as Tim’s was during his arrest, the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) steps in. KB has contacted them but there has not been a response, yet.

KB and Tim were appointed public defenders.

At a hearing, recently, Tim was charged and KB knew they would have to hire an attorney. A friend of hers set up a GoFundMe to try and raise the amount needed for the attorney KB found.

Their daughters still maintain their stories. They do not understand the severity of what has happened. Their language deprivation while in the orphanage in China and the additional trauma they have experienced in their lives has impacted them greatly.

  • I have personally given to the GoFundMe account.
  • SFH donated $5000 toward attorney fees, but $12,000 is still needed.
  • I am asking you to give as God directs toward these attorney fees.
  • Please pray daily for truth to prevail and for Tim and KB and for Tim to be released.
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