Ngo Thi Thu Hien

Deaf Child Hope Child of the Week – Ngo Thi Thu Hien

Deaf children experience a poverty that hearing children do not experience…poverty of language. Rarely are Deaf children exposed to sign language from birth and even fewer are exposed to sign language in other countries, ever. Sponsoring a Deaf child attending a Deaf school with one of our partners in Vietnam or Honduras helps supply the basics of life, food, clothing, shelter and basic medical needs.

In addition, they also receive language learning, an education, and so much more! These Deaf children are endearing and amaze us, even more, as their worlds emerge with language. Our partners, New Beginnings School for the Deaf, Central Deaf Services (both in Vietnam) and Manos Felices (Honduras) all seek to love these children and those who care for them, unconditionally.

Your daily prayers for them…are life-changing, as well. Partnering with these Deaf Schools, in this endeavor, will ensure these blessings continue.


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Ngo Thi Thu Hien

Place Vietnam

Project NBD

Gender Female

This wonderful young lady is Hien and she absolutely loves going to school. She is very friendly and quite talkative with her friends and teachers. Hien enjoys telling her classmates about going to the park with her dad. She is very good at doing Math in the textbook and does very well at remembering her sign language lessons. Her mom tells her teacher that Hien often talks to her about school by sign language. When asked about her time at New Beginnings, Hien says, “Since I joined New Beginnings School I have been happier. I am slow to get angry. I always smile and talk happily with people around my family. Thanks for helping me to study sign language.”

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