God’s Will

In honor of Joseph’s 24th birthday, today, I decided to repost this blog entry from January 2012.  Joseph is a lover of hiking the 14-ers in Colorado, mountains whose crests are greater than 14,000 feet elevation.  So thankful it is God’s responsibility to protect him, or not…and not mine.  I have added some of Joseph’s own pictures from his trek’s across God’s awe-inspiring creation over the past few months. They are incredible!

Sunrise at Long’s Peak  09/23/12

Well, Joseph’s 10-day Christmas visit home flew by.  My life, pretty much, revolved around him while he was here…so thankful my schedule is flexible like that.  Charles was able to take off some from work and be with us, often, as well.  We were also able to spend some extended time with Rachel and Marc— because Joseph was here—and that was good, too.  

We had not seen Joseph for more than nine months.  The last time we saw him was during his spring break last March.  He graduated from college in May.  At his request, we did not attend his graduation…he said it was too costly and he was not planning on “walking”.  He then moved from Fayetteville, AR to Denver in early August.  During that time I cherished the few times we got to talk with Joseph by phone.  We did text with him regularly, but there is just something special about being able to hear his voice.  

Sometimes when you have very little contact with your adult children (Joseph is 23) you wonder if they are still following their Lord or not…or at least I do.  There was no evidence that Joseph’s focus had changed, but…  Thankfully, for some reason, God does not allow my mind to dwell on thoughts like those—but they do come in, from time to time. Yesterday, Charles shared with me, as we drove back from taking Joseph to the airport, that he had “lost” Joseph on Monday afternoon.  I was out and the two of them were home together.  He said he looked in his room, downstairs, our bedroom…no Joseph.  Then he looked in the room where he does his daily Bible study.  Joseph was seated in his daddy’s chair reading his daddy’s Bible.  Priceless!

Trekking up Long’s Peak

One morning, at the age of 4, Joseph announced to us that he had prayed and asked Jesus to come into his heart the night before.  We did not doubt his decision as he knew full well the “plan of salvation” even at that early age.  He followed through with baptism when the Lord convicted him to do so.  

While Joseph is all boy, and has always been, I noticed at an early age a tenderness for others.  I prayed he would not lose that tenderness as he grew and the Lord has answered that prayer.  

Joseph LOVES people…especially those oppressed and in need.   His heart is tender to their neediness.  We saw this manifested during his high school years when, one day, he began sorting through our coat closet asking could he have this one or that one.  He was planning to give them away to the homeless people living on the streets in downtown Asheville.  It was not uncommon for him to go downtown and hangout with the homeless.  

Trekking up Pike’s Peak two weeks ago!

In college, one of Jo’s (Joseph’s nickname from kamp) good friends was in need of some desperate financial assistance.  Joseph somehow became aware of his need, and called home to see what we thought of him meeting this need for his friend— anonymously.  Joseph had money in savings that could alleviate this burden for his friend and he certainly didn’t need it as much as his friend did.  These are only two instances that we are aware of, where Joseph’s tender heart was so visibly exposed.  Joseph also has a strong heart for the orphan and still believes God will use his life some way to support them in their plight. 

Joseph’s main reason for moving to Denver has diminished but he has fallen in love with the city of Denver and the surrounding landscape and would like to stay.  His degree is in social work, but he has been unable to secure a job in that field—honestly, he has been unable to find any suitable job at all.  He has applied at grocery stores, restaurants, Starbucks, etc.  He was given the opportunity to sell insurance—commission only—but, he decided this was just not his ‘cup of tea’.  He told us yesterday that the next logical step would be for him to get his masters, but he has no idea how he would pay for that.  Apparently, he has the option of completing his masters in a single year if he had the funds available for it.  Please join us in asking God to reveal to Joseph the next step in His plan for his life. 

Added 9/26/12 (Joseph’s 24th Birthday): Not long after the above post, the Lord opened a door for Joseph to begin working at Chick-Fil-A in the Denver area.  Still, not what he wants to do with his life, but it does pay the bills, sort of, and he LOVES the people he works with. 

God has also provided him the opportunity to coach soccer, this fall, at a large Christian high school there in the greater Denver area.  These are just two of the things God is using to prepare Joseph for the future.  I have no idea what God’s plans are for Joseph, but for now, he is right where God wants him to be.   

The Rocky Mountains – Long’s Peak


Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.  Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.  Romans 12:1-2

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