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Video: Recognizing Symptoms of Trauma with Bessel van der Kolk

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Bessel van der Kolk on How to Work with the Traumatized Brain

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3 Ways PTSD Affects Your Client's Brain | Bessel van Der Kolk, M.D.

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Trauma, Memory & Behaviors | Robyn Gobbel

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"Science of Thought" Dr. Caroline Leaf

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Are we our mind? Dan Siegel at TEDxPrague 2013

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Gifts & Insights Series Conclusion

Gift 7: Give Your Child Healthy Parents with Good Self-Care

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Gift 6: Give Your Child Playfulness

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Gift 5: Give Your Child Permission to Process Feelings

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Gift 4: Give Your Child Predictability

Gift 3: Give Your Child Shared Power

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Gift 2: Give Your Child Nurture

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Gift 1: Give Your Child Voice

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Insight 7: Create a Balance of Nurture & Structure

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Insight 6: Embrace the Complex Needs of Your Child

Register for the Hope for the Journey Conference

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Insight 5: Expect Long Term Challenges

Nahomy Elizabeth Gonzalez Galindo

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Insight 4: Be Fully Present

Insight 3: Provide Familiarity and Continuity

Samuel Isaac Carcamo Turcios

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Insight 2: Simplify Your Life

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Gift 7: Give Your Child Healthy Parents with Good Self-Care

Insight 1: Explore Your Expectations