Oh, LORD, Forgive Me For I Have Sinned!

Oh, LORD, Forgive Me For I Have Sinned!

“If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.”
~James 4:17

I have pondered this and believed it, with little declaration or action, far too long.
Forgive me, LORD!
Forgiver me, Brothers and Sisters!
Forgive me, unborn children!
There are MANY atrocities against children (and others) across our globe, some I have seen with my own eyes. However, each time I am confronted with such injustices my God reminds me, without fail, of the murder of the unborn child, legally, here at home.
How can I become so zealous to do whatever is necessary to end those atrocities in other countries, when I am doing NOTHING to end the legal murder of our own unborn children?
Brothers and Sisters, I no longer can remain silent about the genocide of our own unborn children. You and I have sat back and allowed the enemy to deceive us far too long.
I cannot help but believe our doing nothing for the unborn child, for so long, is part of the reason we are now where we are, as a nation, in so many respects. “Our doing nothing” really is an oxymoron, since it has resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of unborn children, here in our own country and legally.
While I was on my sabbatical last week, the Lord led me to a sermon by Matt Chandler, one of Joseph’s go-to pastors/teachers on the Internet. I scrolled through the sermon topics on The Village Church website and chose “Sanctity of Human Life”, not necessarily because of the topic, but because Matt was the speaker, that day.
His words, “Believe and declare” have convicted me to the core. Belief without declaration is no belief at all.
It was no accident or “it, just so happened” I chose that one. Obviously, my God has decided I can no longer do nothing and say nothing.
So, what will I do for the unborn? I do not know the details, yet, but one thing for sure I…WILL NOT…do nothing any longer!
First and foremost I will begin praying!
Monday’s, from here on, will be a day of prayer for the unborn. It will be a day where I ask God to forgive me/us and lead me/us to repent. It will be a day of me asking Him what, when, where and how am I to right this horrific wrong. It will be a day of showing His love to those who have chosen abortion, for whatever reason, and sharing the fact that God’s forgiveness includes those who have done so, including me…by my doing nothing to stop it.
I am NOT here to debate anything, since basic embryology (the study of embryos and their development ) has always declared without doubt that at conception…it.is.a.human.being. 

“Thou shalt not commit murder.”

Oh, LORD, forgive me for I have sinned. My hands are guilty of murders, many. The sins against our American unborn children are just as heinous as every other countries’ sins against their already born children. Guide me in my repentance to seek how, when, where and with whom I am to share this. May the light of Your truth shine bright in this land as we seek Your forgiveness for our complacency with regard to the right of every unborn child to life, which You alone give.

I pray for your mercy on us as we deserve the same judgement our own laws have established for those who murder another human being.

How do we right this wrong, LORD? Is it even possible?
Give me wisdom and discernment to respond and not react to my own guilt in some over zealous action with no lasting positive outcomes. To respond in a way that will ultimately bring reconciliation between You and me and all others you so desire to be reconciled with. LORD, making laws will not always be sufficient to change behavior, but changing hearts will. Help me to be a heart-changer instead of a law-maker.
I am undone, before You, LORD!

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