SFH Matching Grant for the Collicott Deaf Adoption!

PAH!! Matching Grant is fully Matched!!
Funds still needed to bring Christopher home!
All donations are tax deductible!!

$750 Matching Grant = $1,500

   Help bring Christopher Home!  

It is time to bring this precious “little man” home!  Christopher will be the 3rd deaf adoption for Doug and Lynda Collicott.  I have had the distinct privilege of traveling with this family on three previous trips to Bulgaria to adopt and this one is by far the most humbling.  Christopher is labeled deaf with many other special needs and he will be 6 in February, weighs a mere 11 lbs and is 29″ in length.  He does not walk yet, but with some TLC and medical interventions, he will, soon! 

Funds are being collected by Signs for Hope (all tax deductible) to help with travel expenses for the family and for a medical person to travel with the family, too.  Once Christopher is picked up from his Bulgarian “home” he will be admitted to the Japanese hospital, Tokuda, in Bulgaria to help stabilize him for travel to the states.  The medical person will help care for Christopher while in Bulgaria and on the long flights home.  Once here in the US, he will be admitted to Children’s Hospital in Houston for evaluations and medical services.  Insurance will cover Christopher once he arrives on US soil. 

Signs for Hope will also be paying my travel expenses for this adoption home-trip, as well.  I will be Doug and Lynda’s interpreter as they are both Deaf. 

The Collicott family is in full fundraising mode to collect the final monies needed.  Our $750 matching grant will help with those costs, but additional funds will be needed. 

My best guess for all travel expenses (12 – 14 days required in Bulgaria) for the Collicott family (Doug, Lynda and Christopher), the medical person, the ASL interpreter and Christopher’s Japanese hospital expenses is roughly, $7,500 – $8,500, depending on airfare costs at time of purchase and Christopher’s length-of-stay at Tokuda.  Travel is expected in December or January. 

All donations are tax deductible as Signs for Hope is an approved IRS charitable organization, non-profit. 

Donations can be made online through our secure Qgiv donation page or you can mail checks to:

Signs for Hope
PO Box 460
Fairview, NC  28730
God places the lonely in families. Psalm 88:6a 

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