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How It All Started!

I am republishing this post from New Year’s Eve 2011, “How It All Started”, new name since the original one is no longer accepted by Blogger, go figure, in anticipation of the 5-year anniversary of God’s call on March 18, 2008.  This was the original blog post and I am...
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The American Christian’s Obsession with God’s Protection!

God’s protection–rather praying for it–has become an American “Christian” obsession.  I must confess that I, too, participated in this obsession for a time…when my children were young.  In the early years, daily praying God’s protection over them felt like some magical guarantee He would protect them from all harm, no...
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“God-opportunities or Satan-attacks?”

This past week the Lord has granted me multiple “opportunities” to contemplate, reevaluate–and in some instances, briefly doubt, many aspects of my life; my call, my focus, and/or my ministry. Some would call these “opportunities” multiple attacks by Satan to discourage or even derail all that I do OR they...
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