“Sometimes I’d like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine, and injustice in the world when He could do something about it… but I’m afraid He might ask me the same question.”
– Anonymous



Deaf couples desiring to adopt internationally—from time to time—require the services of qualified ASL interpreters while in-country to facilitate communication with adoption officials, orphanage staff, transportation issues, etc.   The Signs for Hope Interpreter Fund was created for receiving monetary gifts that will go directly to defray transportation costs, hotel fees, and other expenses incurred by the ASL  interpreter traveling with the Deaf couple who is adopting.  The ASL interpreter donates their time and skill for this travel.

Jensen Family Adoption

The Jensen family knows God is leading them to adopt a 12-yr old Deaf young lady in Texas, needing a new home. She was adopted from China, years ago. The Jensen’s already have two adult Deaf daughters, also adopted from China many years ago. Adoption costs will be approximately $10,000. Every little bit helps and will be tax deductible.

Choose “The Jensen Family Adoption Fund” in the form below the video to select where you want your donation applied to support this Deaf adoption by a Deaf family.


Colvin Family Adoption


In Video – translated in American Sign Language

Song by “So Far to Find you”

You were broken, abandoned
And crying all alone
We were waiting and praying
And longing to bring you home
And then we saw your face
In a moment you were wrapped up in our hearts
We took a step of faith
And now here we are
Will you let me hold you in my arms tonight
I have come so far to find you
So far to find you
Will you take my love and give up the fight
I have come so far to find you
So far to find you
From a world away, I journeyed
Just to hold your hand
You will never be alone again
I’ve come so far to find you
So far to find you
You were fighting and fearful
You were hiding your heart away
But I was trying so hard to show you
‘Cause there were no words that I could say
If you could see my heart
You would know that all I want to do
Is care for you

Baylee sayings in end – Please help to bring my sister home.