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    A Haven for Organic Learning

    One day we dream to have a space called an ASL Home to be a haven for learning American Sign Language organically. 
    We want to see Deaf kiddos and their families from around the world come and feel empowered to learn their natural language!Give Now
  • Featured Causes
    In 2013, Carole felt God’s call to counseling, specifically counseling women and families in crisis. Thus began her journey to complete her education and licensure requirements in order to fill this call.Give Now
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    Featured Causes
    When you donate to the Signs for Hope General Fund, your funds will be utilized where they are most needed, at that time.Give Now
  • Interpreting Fund
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    This fund will go directly to defray transportation costs, hotel fees, and other expenses incurred by the ASL interpreter traveling with the Deaf couple who is adopting.Give Now
  • Russell Family
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    We are the Russell family and joined the Signs for Hope team full-time in January 2022.Give Now

Who are we?

Signs for Hope exists to share the Hope of Christ by facilitating care for deaf orphans around the world.

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So You Want to Adopt a Deaf Child?

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This blog series covers a variety of topics that should be considered prior to adopting a deaf child. These topics came directly from families who had already adopted Deaf children when asked, “What do you wish you would have known before adopting your Deaf child that you now know?”

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More Giving Opportunities

Deaf Child Hope Child of the Week

Your $38 monthly sponsorship will give a deaf child hope by giving them food, clothing, shelter, and an education. For these children to know someone cares for them and is praying for them is such an encouragement.

If you find that this child has been sponsored, there are multiple Deaf children still needing sponsors. Look through them and choose one that has not yet been sponsored.

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Is American Sign Language Universal?

Printed in the Fairview Town Crier August, 2022 Note: My use of “d”, deaf, denotes the audiological loss of hearing. This encompasses all those with hearing loss, whatever level, which are limited in their communication within the speaking, hearing world without assistance. My use of “D”, Deaf, refers to the...
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