Our Partners


Signs for Hope strives to:

  • Connect waiting Deaf/HOH children with families desiring to adopt them.
  • Strongly encourage those adopting Deaf/HOH children to adequately prepare for their adoption.
  • Provide encouragement and prayer support for families adopting Deaf/HOH children throughout the adoption process and beyond.
  • Provide a vast amount of Deaf/HOH related resources and adoption-related resources on the Signs for Hope website and the Signs for Hope FaceBook page for the pre-adoption process.
  • Develop a list of skilled American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters, state-by-state, willing to provide services as needed for those in the adoption process.
  • Provide vast post-adoption resources on the Signs for Hope website and the Signs for Hope FaceBook page for families once they bring their Deaf/HOH children home.
  • Provide qualified ASL interpreters to travel with Deaf couples adopting from other countries.
  • Develop relationships with other agencies and organizations willing to provide support for families adopting Deaf/HOH children domestically or internationally.
Lifeline Children's Services (un) adopted

LifeLine Children Services

Lifeline Children’s Services partners with us to help pay the expenses of qualified ASL interpreters when Deaf families travel to other countries for adoption. They also have a strict “Best Practices for the adoption of deaf/HOH children”. We are thankful for this partnership!



ABBA Fund, specifically Dwain Gullion, has been a huge encourager for us and the families we serve, since 2010. ABBA Fund has partnered with families adopting Deaf children, on multiple occasions, with grants and no-interest adoption loans. We are thankful for this partnership!

Bethesda Family Ministries

Bethesda Family Ministries partners with Signs for Hope by providing a place and a service to those who partner with Signs for Hope as we coordinate the adoption of Deaf orphans around the world and partner with families and communities in the lifelong journey of adoption. Bethesda Family Ministries mission is “to provide a spiritual ministry to children and their families. These services will include counseling, awareness, education, financial assistance and other areas of need, especially for those involved in adoption, orphan care, or care for vulnerable children.”

Heart Adoption

Heart Adoption – God revealed this form of “adoption” the first trip to Liberia, in 2010. He had made it clear, the year before, Liberia was the place to see deaf orphans up-close-and-personal, the first time. Liberia adoptions closed a few months before the trip and I began to wonder what He had in mind, now. I was committed and knew God would not waste this opportunity to teach me much. The great needs, basic needs of life, were grossly evident. They may never have the opportunity to be adopted, but something had to done to provide just the basics for them. Monthly sponsorships for the deaf children, what we call “heart adoption”, were sought.

Currently, Signs for Hope partners with Deaf Child Hope International for facilitating “heart adoptions”. Our Vietnam and Honduras partners, both family preservation focused, benefit from this partnership via monthly sponsorships. We visit the Deaf schools in these countries annually to show our support, to encourage the students and their teachers and to transport communications from sponsors.

Orphan Voice New Beginnings School for the Deaf

Orphan Voice 

Orphan Voice opened New Beginnings School for the Deaf in the Phu Ninh Province in late 2014. We have been partners with them in this endeavor since 2013. The only Deaf school in the area, providing VNSL training (no language or education, prior to this) and other educational opportunities have literally changed the lives of these students and their families. We make annual trips of encouragement to New Beginnings and have loved watching these Deaf students mature and blossom over the years. We are thankful for this partnership!

Deaf Child Hope International

Deaf Child Hope International 

Deaf Child Hope International partners with us by facilitating monthly sponsorships with our Deaf school partners in Vietnam and Honduras, for Deaf students and their teachers. Based on the model of Compassion International, sponsors have opportunities to communicate regularly with their sponsored child or teacher and can join us as we visit these partners, annually. Our founder is a Deaf Child Hope Representative for these two countries. We are thankful for this partnership!

Please pray about sponsoring one of these students or their teachers monthly. These funds help with basic needs.

Hands for Vietnam

Central Deaf Services/Hands for Vietnam 

We began partnering with Central Deaf Services (CDS) in Da Nang, in 2016. Hands for Vietnam is the US organization supporting this school. This school for the Deaf employs Deaf graduates of the only Deaf university in Vietnam. Deaf teachers at CDS have become the core of the local Deaf Club and now teach VNSL in multiple other Deaf schools across Da Nang. We are thankful for this partnership!

Manos Felices - Honduras

Manos Felices – Honduras

Manos Felices School for the Deaf opened, in 2003 in Tegucigalpa. Christy Owen was the founder. We were connected to Christy in 2018 and began facilitating monthly sponsorships for Manos Felices through Deaf Child Hope International, soon thereafter. From this school and a Deaf church, also founded by Christy many years ago, the Deaf Bible translation team now works translating the Bible into LESHO, Honduran Sign Language. We are thankful for this partnership!

Back2Back Logo

Back2Back Ministries

We long to see sustainability of the orphan – children who grow to be dependent on Jesus, interdependent in their communities, and independent adults. To that end, Back2Back’s 5-Point Child Development Plan centers around providing deep, holistic care to each child we serve. By providing holistic care, rather than merely meeting physical needs, we can truly help orphaned and vulnerable children experience restoration.

Trauma Free World Logo

Trauma Free World

Complex trauma impacts so much that traditional methods of parenting, teaching and interacting often don’t work. However, there are specific interventions and approaches, known as trauma-informed care, that can change a child’s life. Training everyone, everywhere in these new ways is the key to creating a trauma-free world.

Two Hands Ministry

Ellie Cecil is the founder of Two Hands Ministry (501c3). God called Ellie to Honduras as an ASL tutor for the Robinson family in 2017, missionaries to Honduras with an adopted Deaf son, Wyatt. In 2019 Ellie began Two Hands Ministry in Gracias, Lempira. “The mission of Two Hands Ministry is to bring LANGUAGE, COMMUNITY, AND THE GOSPEL to the deaf in Western Honduras so that each one may, “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (2 Peter 3:18)”

National Center for Biblical Parenting

We’re on a mission to help parents understand how to implement a heart-based approach to parenting. Furthermore, we’re eager to help the church develop an environment that supports them.



The size and scope of CAFO’s work has grown significantly over the years, but the core mission remains the same. CAFO members join in coordinated initiatives that grow effective adoption, foster care and global orphan care rooted in the local church. These include the annual CAFO Summit, Orphan Sunday and Stand Sunday, Global Networks, the “More Than Enough” foster care initiative, the Center on Applied Research for Vulnerable Children and Families, and an array of other shared undertakings.

Set Free Alliance

Set Free Alliance

Set Free is on a mission to provide freedom through Christ. We are not a strictly humanitarian organization, but rather we are an evangelical organization that happens to do humanitarian work. We understand that we cannot make disciples of Christ if children are enslaved and have no way of hearing of who Christ is and how much He loves them. We cannot make disciples of Christ if a mother is too weak from hunger to listen and absorb the Good News. We cannot make disciples of Christ if a father dies because of water-borne disease, never hearing the name Jesus Christ.

Show Hope

Show Hope partners with Signs for Hope for providing TBRI® Practitioner scholarships and providing ASL translations and captions for the Hope for their Journey Conference. “Show Hope is a movement to care for orphans. We work to restore hope by breaking down barriers that exist between waiting children and loving families.”


The Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development is a program of the Department of Psychology in the TCU College of Science & Engineering in Fort Worth, Texas. Our mission is research, education, training, and outreach to improve the lives of children who have experienced abuse, neglect, and/or trauma. Our research and interventions are empowering parents, professionals, and students with trauma-informed strategies that improve outcomes for children and youth.

His Adoption

Signs for Hope strives to:

Provide all Deaf/HOH orphans and children the opportunity to know and understand the gospel in their own language and be trained in all that God has commanded.

Then Jesus came to them and said,

All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. Matthew 28:18-20