Adoption Links

Signs for Hope is acutely aware of the sensitivity of posting photos and certain information about these precious children. In accordance with that concern, we have chosen to direct you to those sites that already have permission for posting this information, instead of running the risk of posting a child’s information improperly. – This is the largest database listing of deaf/HOH children from multiple adoption agencies.

American World Adoption


Holt International

ADOPTUSKIDS.COM – Signs for Hope has been granted permission to access the “waiting” Deaf/HOH children on the AdoptUSKids website using the criteria “deaf” and “hearing loss” on your behalf. Unless you are already approved to adopt through the US foster care system you cannot register to search with the above criteria. Please contact me for the legally allowed information about these children in the US Foster Care System “waiting” to be adopted. Most of these children have additional “special needs” or are a brother or sister within a hearing sibling group that must be adopted together.