Religion that God accepts as pure and without fault is this: caring for orphans or widows who need help, and keeping yourself free from the world’s evil influence. James 1:27

Is Signs for Hope 501c3 approved?

Yes, Signs for Hope is an IRS approved charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible. We are also an all-volunteer organization. No board members receive compensation for their service.

What is Signs for Hope’s mission?

Signs for Hope exists to share the Hope of Christ by facilitating care for deaf/HOH orphans throughout the world.

Where does Signs for Hope serve?

Signs for Hope’s traditional adoption support for US families adopting deaf/HOH children is global. We serve families adopting Deaf children from all countries. We also host an annual ASL-Immersion Family Retreat for hearing families who have adopted Deaf Children.

Signs for Hope, currently, partners with two American non-profits serving Deaf children through Deaf schools in Vietnam and Honduras. Deaf Child Hope International facilitates monthly sponsorships for these partners’ Deaf students and their teachers.

What does Signs for Hope do?

Signs for Hope provides a variety of support opportunities for deaf orphans, deaf children and those who care for them, around the world. Training in sign language is of utmost importance. The most valuable care and support we provide, following language acquisition, is access to the gospel in their heart language and healing from trauma.

TBRI® Training (Trust-based Relational Intervention®) and Trauma Competent Caregiver Training are two of the experiences our board desires to share with others who serve Deaf children. These trainings benefit all those who serve Deaf children in all capacities, granting the ability to connect with their hearts. If you want to know more, please just ask.

Signs for Hope embraces all aspects of adoption for deaf children. Traditional family adoption for those deaf children “waiting” to be adopted. Heart adoption (a.k.a. monthly sponsorship) for those deaf children who may not have the opportunity to be adopted or may need support to preserve their biological families. Sharing God’s love for them and His desire to adopt each of them is our greatest desire for all of them.

How can you volunteer at Signs for Hope?

Signs for Hope is an all-volunteer organization. No board member is compensated for their service. We serve, from our hearts, praying His blessings will spread to others through our service.

The volunteer opportunities are growing at Signs for Hope!

Currently, we take small teams, annually, to visit our partner organizations in Vietnam and Honduras. These trips are mostly focused on encouraging our partners and the Deaf children and families they serve. Our partners are seeking to help preserve the families deaf children have been born into, sharing sign language, education and Jesus with them all. These trips also satisfy our partner organization, Deaf Child Hope International’s desire for us to be on the ground, at least once per year. Updating sponsorship photos, videos and transporting correspondence between sponsors and those sponsored is our blessing, as well.

Signs for Hope holds an annual ASL-Immersion Family Retreat, usually in early June in Western North Carolina, for hearing families who have adopted deaf children. Volunteers with all backgrounds are approved to serve these families in this unique environment. Deaf volunteers serve these families in a variety of ways, ensuring their ASL expressive and receptive skills have great opportunities to improve. The uniqueness of this retreat, with trauma informed trained staff (TBRI®), not only provides an ASL and Deaf Culture rich environment, but one that also understands the needs of children who come from “hard places”. And all of the above is framed by Jesus, the One we serve without reservation.

If you are local to SFH headquarters, near Asheville, NC, there are some opportunities throughout the year to volunteer, in a variety of ways. No, this is not usually time spent with Deaf children, but they are times where we need some of you with extra hands and extra skills to come alongside us, so we can continue doing what we do. Many hands make light work! Respond via the Volunteer Form and tell us what skills you would be willing to share with us, to bless us and others.

Maybe your skills are such that you would not have to physically be near geographically, to share them with us. Let us know what it is God is leading you to share with us, please.

The opportunity to volunteer to join a group of folks (Guinea Pigs, we lovingly call them) as we begin the foundations of creating an ASL-Immersion Experience, right here in Asheville, is also a possibility. This ASL Immersion Experience is one where English is being extracted, as much as possible, whereby granting the greatest opportunity for a visually understood language to take root. This is accomplished in a variety of ways and settings, but most often in a home environment, where we “do life” every day, not just in a classroom. We meet together three afternoons per week for 8-week sessions. Visits to local venues, such as, The Nature Center, Grove Park Inn, the UNCA Tailgate Market, parks and stores and the like, help build ASL vocabulary and conversations unique to each. Currently, Phillip and Elaine Easterling are our Deaf mentors providing this experience. Only God knows where this will lead, next.