His Adoption

When God called our founder to “coordinate the adoption of deaf orphans in the world,” on March 18, 2008, she only thought of the earthly adoption of children into an earthly family. Soon thereafter, she was face-to-face with deaf orphans who would never have the opportunity to be adopted; adoption was not an option in their country. This experience began to broaden her understanding of His specific words.

Coordinate the adoption of Deaf orphans in the world.

As time went on, God began to reveal His ultimate meaning behind those words as she was exposed to and learned from others serving at-risk and vulnerable children in the world. It was not just the earthly adoption of these deaf children He wanted her to coordinate, but it was “His adoption of all of them” for eternity.

An earthly adoption only lasts a lifetime on this earth. Eternal adoption, into God’s family, lasts forever!

Adoption was God’s idea long before it entered into mankind’s heart.

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What Does it Mean that Christians are Adopted by God?

Adoption, the Heart of the Gospel