Mindfulness for the Christian!

Pondering this…

Mindfulness is the skill of living and breathing, in the present. It is not dwelling on the past, nor is it obsessed with what could happen in the future. Being present is being in the moment, fully.

This is something you and I must practice, it does not happen automatically, especially in this day and time. Being present is focusing our thoughts on the here and now, so we can act accordingly.

Rarely, can you and I do something new without some kind of preparation or practicing. A skill is acquired and then mastering a skill requires much practice, perfect practice.

I remember my grandmother taught me, “Practice, makes perfect!” My Deaf ASL instructor taught me, “Only perfect practice, makes perfect!”

You and I can practice doing something for years, but not until we practice it correctly will we master it. Too often, you and I do something half-hearted or we do something to simply check off a box to show we did it.

At soon to be 61, my practicing something correctly only becomes more intentional. No, I am not obsessed by this; I am not a perfectionist, but I am fully aware of it. It is often what drives me to persevere. This may not be true of everything and every area of my life, but it is true in many areas of my life.

Yes, I am fully aware I will be given the opportunity to prove what I just said, in the next few days or weeks. You and I both know, our words have a way of coming back to us, don’t they?

Mindfulness benefits you and me and those we do this life with, daily. It keeps us in the present, paying attention to each other’s needs.

Our God so desired for you and me to be mindful of Him at all times, He put on flesh. Flesh that limited Him. Flesh that caused Him intense pain. Flesh that allowed Him to become your sin and mine. Flesh that died, but lives again.
On the cross, in that flesh, Jesus was filled with mindfulness. He could have allowed His thoughts to take Him to another place or another time, but He did not.

In His mindfulness, He said, “Father, forgive them; they do not know what they are doing?”

In His mindfulness, He said to John, “Behold your mother!”

In His mindfulness, He said to the thief beside Him, “Today you will be with Me, in paradise!”

And in His mindfulness, He said, “It is finished!”

You and I can learn much from our Savior’s own mindfulness!

Will we?