Survival 101 Becomes Thriving 101!

Originally shared late March 2020.

Sometimes, this past two weeks feels like a life time, already!

These times are so vastly different from what we had grown accustomed to.

Taken for granted!

Truly, we do not know what we have, until we do not have it.

And obviously we still do not have enough toilet paper, because the shelves at our local store were empty, again, yesterday.  Not that we need any, but Charles was just curious, when he went for other needs.

Our experiences are vastly different, but also similar.

Same. Same.  But Different!

Some homes are full of all family members. Some seeking just a moment of isolation.

Some are alone in their homes.  Isolated 24/7 from all others.

Have I told you lately how thankful I am for technology?!?!

Change is certainly our greatest common denominator and it is ongoing change.  Nothing remains the same, at least not yet.

Fear and anxiety is also a common denominator.

Yes, this is causing trauma-brain for most of us, at least part of the time.  Let’s just be honest.

We all already have trauma’s in our past and so often those trauma’s grow bigger in situations as ours, now.

I often think of our Brothers and Sisters in other lands and wonder how this has impacted them.  What traumas are they experiencing, new.  Some already had no idea where their next meal would come from. Feeding their families is a daily need, to trust their God to provide.  They understand better than I, how fragile this life is, every day, and they live here as we all should, knowing they are just passing through. Eternal perspective…24/7, or almost, when eternity is so near, every day.

How do we survive these days?  Or, better yet, how do we thrive in these days?

“I came that they might have life, life more abundant.”

Throughout scripture, God’s focus has always been creating opportunities for His children to look to Him, depend on Him, trust Him, daily, for everything.  Being in relationship with Him on that level, is our greatest blessing in this life.  He knows we just will not and can not do this, if He does not allow certain things to happen, where we have to.

It is always our choice to trust and obey Him or not, however.  Our God does not force Himself and His ways on us.  He does desire for us to choose them in response to His great love for us and in light of all He has done, is doing and will do for us.

We American Believers and others are being given the greatest opportunity of our lives…proving God is who He says He is…or…He is not.

Do not misunderstand me!

I am in no way saying we are to make any assumptions about who God will protect from COVID-19 or the fallout that will come from it, but I am saying, no matter what, you and I can trust Him.  He has been faithful!  He will be faithful!  Whatever that means and whatever that looks like for you and me!

God made me aware of Dr. Curt Thompson through my trauma training connections.  He and many others are working together to bring healing to God’s people.  He has spoken at the Christian Alliance for Orphan’s annual Summit multiple times, recently.  He speaks on college campuses and other events, as well.  God has given Him the knowledge and platform, as a psychiatrist, to share some great insight into how our God has made us and designed us as fully relational beings and how He desires for us to be made whole, in and through our relationship with God and all others.  His practical tools, are easily implemented bringing mind, soul, body and spirit together for experiencing the abundant life our God has promised us, here and now.

Dr. Thompson was interviewed for a webinar, yesterday, and he shared his most recent essay with us, as well. Click the link below for some very practical tools to helps us thrive, not just survive, amidst COVID-19 and whatever is to come in the days ahead. This is really good!

Love and Lament in March Madness

I am praying for you. However, knowing how to pray for you is my desire, if I do not already know.

I am also connecting with you, via technology.  If you want me to connect with you sooner rather than later, please just tell me.  I would LOVE the chance to re-connect!

I need you, in relationship, now more than ever.

We need each other!

Love, Becky