Michelle Walterhouse

Advisory Board Member

Michelle became acquainted with Sign Language as a High School student, when she was introduced to a deaf lady attending her church. Given that there was no one else in the Church that could communicate with her, Michelle took it upon herself to begin learning Sign language. This was the first giant step into what would be a life-long journey of interpreting and association with the deaf community. The summer before her Senior year, she spent two weeks at the Bill Rice Ranch as a counselor for deaf kids.

She met Jonathan in College while she was studying to become a Sign Language interpreter (see Jonathan’s BIO above). Having been adopted by her Step-dad, adoption is something that has always been close to Michelle’s heart. She shared her desire to adopt with Jonathan when they began to dream of life together, and they believed that adoption would be a part of their journey.

Although she passionately works part-time outside of the home as an interpreter, she very much delights in leading their home alongside Jonathan. They have benefited much from parenting and trauma training (such as Empowered to Connect and Grace-based parenting). They regularly look for opportunities to invest in other families walking the road of adoption and sharing principles learned in conferences and trainings.

Michelle & Jonathan hope in the near future to become trained presenters for the 10-week Empowered to Connect parenting course.