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Survival 101 Becomes Thriving 101!

JUST GIVE ME JESUS & YOU! Originally shared late March 2020. Sometimes, this past two weeks feels like a life time, already! These times are so vastly different from what we had grown accustomed to. Taken for granted! Truly, we do not know what we have, until we do not...
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AVAILABLE NOW!  FREE!  ONLINE!  WITH ASL! ENDING June 15, 2020! Empowered to Connect (now, Hope for the Journey, read more here) is the conference where Trust-based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) strategies are taught. This is the training that has become foundational for everything I do, personally and ministry-wise!  It is being...
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Righteousness Grants Peace!

The result of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quiet confidence forever. ~Isaiah 32:17 Today, as a Mom’s in Prayer mom read this verse, before we began praying His peace for and over our children, I felt like I had never heard or read it before....
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Deaf Missions ASL Resources for Kids

DEAF MISSIONS RESOURCES Click Deaf Missions for more ASL resources and to donate to support them! Weekly Devotions in ASL for Kids Volume 1 (52 devotions) Weekly Devotions in ASL for Kids Volume 2 (52 devotions)   BOOKS IN ASL   Deaf Boy Meets Jesus  My Ears Are Not Broken...
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